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Even with Legalized Weed, California’s Black Market will Thrive

Legalizing marijuana, California voters were told last year, would create a “safe, legal and comprehensive system” allowing adults to consume the drug while keeping it out of the hands of children.

More Evidence That Jeff Sessions' Cannabis Crackdown May Never Materialize

Despite Attorney General Jeff Sessions' well-known anti-pot prejudices, a broad federal crackdown on marijuana in states that have legalized it seems unlikely in light of the recommendations from a Justice Department subcommittee charged with studying the issue.

Uh-Oh! California's Marijuana Growers Have a Major Problem

Growth in the legal marijuana industry has been practically unstoppable over the past couple of years, and the sales data shows it. According to cannabis research firm ArcView, legal weed sales grew by 34% in North America to $6.9 billion in 2016, and they're on track to grow by a compound annual rate of 26% through 2021.

Pesticides on pot forces states to step up testing

Whenever Josh Wurzer buys legal California pot, he makes certain it was grown without pesticides. That’s because Wurzer, as president of cannabis-testing company SC Labs, knows how prevalent the use of health-threatening chemicals are in an industry that until recently operated mostly in the shadows.

Post Prop 64, Cannabis Cooking Classes Aim to Pivot Pot to the Mainstream

When Sallie B. lectures her weekend class about marijuana, she likes to make her spiel as accessible as possible. The chef starts by explaining the effects of cannabis-infused butter, and then she demonstrates how to cook with it. 

Legal Pot Dealers Find a Home on Oregon’s Cannabis Coast

Eddie Biggar sports a black-and-green suit dotted with tiny green leaves as he dances jovially on a corner of the Pacific Coast Highway.

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