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The Biz420 Cannabis Network is a business services group providing essential resources to both existing and new businesses with the goal of helping to grow the legal cannabis industry. Starting a new venture or re-branding a current one? We can give your business the online boost it needs!

Business owners, investors and professionals benefit from our network consisting of several marijuana-related platforms including:

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In addition to our dedicated service platforms, Biz420 Cannabis Network provides current industry news, education, and the Biz420 Blog to always keep you updated.

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Biz420 Cannabis Network

Biz420 provides everything you need for your cannabusiness online! From buying a domain name, building a beautiful website, optimizing it for search results and listing it for the world to see, we have the expertise and resources to make it happen.


Attorney General Jeff Sessions gave U.S. attorneys the green light Thursday to aggressively enforce federal laws against marijuana — even in states where pot is...

On New Year’s Day, long-clandestine cannabis will join the ranks of beer, wine, mixed drinks, cigars and other adult indulgences in California.

Prohibitions on smoking or ingesting marijuana while driving, as well as carrying an “open container” of cannabis in a vehicle are among several highway safety ...

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