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A Shift in Federal Marijuana Policy May Be Imminent

Even as industries from 3D printing to cloud computing and biotechnology are growing rapidly, it's marijuana that's recently been the go-to asset for aggressive investors.

A Quarter of Cancer Patients Use Marijuana to Treat Their Symptoms and 75% Want to Try It

One-fourth of cancer patients in the US have used marijuana as a treatment within the past year, a new study has found.

Jeff Sessions Slams Marijuana Legalization (Again)

The nation's top law enforcer is continuing to speak out against marijuana legalization, stating "I've never felt that we should legalize marijuana".

Washington Considers Making it Legal to Grow Marijuana at Home

State lawmakers are seeking advice on letting residents grow marijuana at home for personal use, and whether it’s a good idea to do at all.

Niagara College Launches First Program in Cannabis Production

It’s got the greenhouse, the curriculum and the necessary approvals. One-year certificate, first credential of its kind in Canada, focuses on growing and complex regulations, standards.

Supreme Court Weighs Issue of Medical Marijuana and Workers’ Comp

The Maine supreme court on Wednesday began considering whether a paper millworker left suicidal by narcotic painkillers should receive workers’ compensation for medical marijuana.

Justice Department No. 2 Weighs In On Marijuana Legalization

The Trump administration is continuing to weigh whether or not to reverse Obama-era guidance that generally allows states to legalize marijuana without federal interference, the Justice Department's number two official said on Thursday.

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