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Mythbusters: 5 Medical Cannabis Beliefs That Are Completely Wrong

Medical cannabis is legal in 29 U.S. states, but there’s still a lot of ignorance that surrounds the plant.

We’re living through a transition period where people are evolving and their opinions are changing when it comes to marijuana. After many years of debate and struggle, it’s beginning to feel like cannabis is finally accepted and understood, even though the plant still hasn’t crossed the line into the “legitimate” side.

Medical cannabis is legal in a lot of states (29 to be precise), but there’s still a lot of ignorance that surrounds the medicinal use of the drug.

Here are 5 myths that people have regarding medical cannabis:

It Hasn’t Been Studied Enough

While it’s true that medical cannabis needs more research so that we can understand how it works, studies has been conducted on the plant since the ’60s. Currently, the US is financing several researches in Israel that’ll improve our knowledge on the plant.

Thousands of patients have also proven with their stories that medical marijuana has treated their symptoms. Most importantly, marijuana hasn’t lead to any deaths or has produced dangerous side effects.

It Has No Proven Medical Use

The web is peppered with accounts and videos of patients from all over the world, vouching for cannabis and its therapeutic properties. Also, the fact that 29 states throughout the US have functioning medical marijuana programs makes it clear that the plant is doing something for large amounts of people.

It Leads To Drug Abuse

Many people claim that cannabis is the main “gateway drug” and that its existence and usage tempts people to try out other more dangerous substances, which is completely untrue. In fact, medical marijuana is being used to treat people with opioid addiction, and many researchers and scientists believe that the plant can be used to replace opioids altogether, eliminating a string of severe side effects and deaths.

It’s Just An Excuse To Get High

Another big no, patients of medical cannabis suffer from different diseases that are hard to treat where, in some cases, cannabis becomes their only source of relief. There are also plenty of strains that are high on CBD and that don’t give the user the feeling of being “hig,h, simply providing relief.

It Leads To Crime

What? No. Many believe that the ongoing legalization of cannabis will eliminate silly offenses and charges, and that it’ll allow law enforcers to focus on the real troubles and crimes that their country faces.


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