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High Time for Cannabis to go Cashless

As Congress and the White House work on a tax bill that will reduce revenues going to states, they are simultaneously impeding the growth of an industry that is set to add billions to state tax revenues: legal cannabis.

Marijuana Prices Are Plunging in Colorado, and That Could Be Bad News

Few industries are growing as quickly and consistently as legal marijuana, which is a big reason investors haven't been able to get enough of marijuana stocks in recent years.

Canada Could Make Billions From Legal Pot

Canada faces one last hurdle to becoming the first G7 nation to legalize recreational marijuana.

In Las Vegas, You Can Buy Pot, But There's Nowhere To Smoke It

Las Vegas’ reputation as a place where you can indulge your vices and have a good time helps it lure some 43 million visitors a year.

12 Year Old Suing Sessions Over Marijuana Policy

A 12-year-old girl in Colorado is suing Attorney General Jeff Sessions over what the lawsuit claims is an unconstitutional federal prohibition on medical marijuana.

Weed Science: Researchers Map Marijuana DNA To Unlock Cannabis's Full Potential

Cannabis can be used in the treatment of numerous conditions, from epilepsy to alleviating the side effects of cancer therapies, but the full extent of the plant’s medicinal benefits remain largely unexplored.

Beer Industry Giant Gets In Bed With Marijuana Business

The brewer of Corona beer (Constellation Brands) has bought a 10 percent stake in a Canadian cannabis producer.

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